About Us

Who is JAPES?

My name is Jean-Pierre, I was born and raised in Montreal. Living in the Province of Québec I grew up having two sets of friends; my Francophone friends (French-speaking) and my Anglophone friends (English-Speaking). My very first English-speaking friend (6 years old) gave me a nickname when we reached our teens, which was "Japes", which has stayed with me for over 40 years.

I have own dogs since the age of 5 and I learn early in life that food is fuel and especially for our pets!  

Today, I have 3x 4 legged kids and they all have different needs. That is why I believe that the pet food we offer at Japes Pates is a great balance between all breeds and all stages of their lives.

On our pictures are:

Bailey (white/Black) she is my trouble maker and loves her hugs!

Tucker (beige/black/white) our big goofy guy...the happiest dog alive!

Celika, she is my princess that could probably win the Kentucky Derby at the speed she can run! 

Please don't be shy to email us if you have any questions and you can share on our Facebook page!

We love your pets just as much we love ours. That is why we have selected the best quality products with will ingredients for your pets. Currently, the two brands we offer are 100% manufactured and bagged in Canada.

Snow time!

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